Oral history interview with Norma Jean Crago, 2007 November 5.


Oral history interview with Norma Jean Crago, 2007 November 5.

Crago was living in rural Union County, Iowa when she was diagnosed with polio at age 11. She talks about spending nearly a year in Children's Hospital (including being treated by Dr. Steindler) and a rehabilitation home in Iowa City; realizing that the paralysis in her legs was permanent; keeping up with school work while in the hospital and convalescing at home; struggling with attending high school and transportation with her physical handicaps; the economic impact of the disease on the family; and going to work for Des Moines accounting firm Allen and Co. She speculates about how she contracted the disease and the fact that two of her siblings may have had a mild, undiagnosed case of the disease.

Transcript and interview log: 19 leaves + newspaper clippingsSound recording: 2 sound cassettes


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Iowa State Historical Society

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