I︠U︡riĭ Valentinovich Knorozov papers, 1945-1998.


I︠U︡riĭ Valentinovich Knorozov papers, 1945-1998.

The Knorozov Papers contain correspondence, manuscripts, notes, journal offprints, and photographs. The Biographical series includes a group of Knorozov's personal daily notes, receipts, notes on research planning, hand-written selections of prose and poetry, and documents related to Knorozov's trips to Copenhagen, Mexico, and Guatemala. The files also include newsclippings about Knorozov from Soviet and Spanish language newspapers. The Correspondence includes professional correspondence as well as various notes and attachments, between Knorozov and other scholars and institutions in the Soviet Union and abroad. The series is not large, but recurring subjects of the letters are theoretical linguistics, Maya languages and writing, Peru writing/notation systems, archaeology of Kuril Islands, and publishing. Correspondence with David Kelley, Michael and Sophie Coe, Tatiana Proskouriakoff, Thomas Barthel, Norman and Dolores McQuown, and the Peabody Museum of Harvard University, will be of particular interest to Mayanists. The Writings include manuscripts and offprints of Knorozov's publications, including parts of the drafts of the monographs The writing of the Maya Indians and Maya hieroglyphic codices. The Research Files is the largest series and is organized by topic. Subjects range from Ainu pictographs, archaeology, and writing.

11 boxes (10 archives boxes, 1 flat box) 47 linear inches.

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Knorozov, I︠U︡. V.

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I︠U︡riĭ Knorozov, born in 1922 in Kharʹkov, Ukraine, was a Russian anthropologist and linguist, famous for his breakthrough in the decipherment of Maya writing, who also made important contributions to the study of other ancient scripts, signaling theory, and semiotics. His parents had Russian and Armenian roots and were members of the Soviet intelligentsia. By the time Knorozov graduated from high school, he spoke Russian, Ukrainian, and some German. In 1939, he was admitted to th...

Coe, Sophie D. (Sophie Dobzhansky), 1933-1994

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Barthel, Thomas S., 1923-1997

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