[Letter, 1633 June 15, Westminster, to "My very good lorde"] [manuscript]. [1633]


Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. [Letter, 1633 June 15, Westminster, to "My very good lorde"] [manuscript].

[Letter, 1633 June 15, Westminster, to "My very good lorde"] [manuscript]. [1633]

Letter from Thomas Wentworth, humbly thanking "My very good lorde" for visiting him before his "removall into the cuntry", and for all that this "very good lorde" has done for him; Wentworth acknowledges his indebtedness to the recipient and ensures the recipient that he is eager to serve him whenever the opportunity should arise; also includes an engraved portrait of Wentworth printed on paper.

[1] p. on 1 bifolium : paper ; 326 x 207 mm. + 1 engraved portrait (119 x 103 mm.)

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Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, earl of, 1593-1641

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The complex political career of Thomas Wentworth Strafford began in Parliament, where he opposed war with Spain. After losing influence, he realigned himself in support of King Charles I, and was made baron and viscount and ultimately Lord Deputy of Ireland. His success in Ireland was marred by ruthless methods, contributing to his lack of popularity among his peers. Recalled by Charles as an advisor in the war with Scotland, Strafford was accused of treason and beheaded on 12 May 1641, with Cha...