Marianne Kent Hunt manuscript material : 9 items, 1817-1840


Marianne Kent Hunt manuscript material : 9 items, 1817-1840

· To R. H. Horne, writer : 5 letters -- 1 autograph letter signed : 15 Jul 1839 : (H'ANA 0076) : asking money advice, the landlady having signed a warrant for the seizure of the Hunts's furniture; begins, "Do not think me insensible to your kind attantions and care ..."; with the envelope. -- 1 autograph letter signed : 18 Nov 1839 : (H'ANA 0077) : begins, "Your note of Saturday did indeed cost me some severe pain ..."; with the envelope. -- 1 autograph letter signed : 18 Feb 1840 : (H'ANA 0078) : begins, "Many thanks for your kind intelligence ..." -- 1 autograph letter signed : 21 Feb 1840 : (H'ANA 0079) : begins, "Will you forgive me if I request you to expect me on Tuesday instead of today?" -- 1 autograph letter signed : "Sunday Evening" : (H'ANA 0080) : begins, "Pray forgive me for not answering your note sooner ..." · To Mary Shelley, novelist : 3 letters : -- 1 autograph letter signed : 1-3 Aug 1817 : (H'ANA 0001) : begins, "You did me an injustice in supposing I had forgotten you ..."; with pen and ink sketches of a tree and figures on an incline on the address leaf. Published with commentary as SC 411 in Shelley and his Circle, v. V, p. 256. -- 1 autograph letter signed : [ca. 14 Jul - 4 Aug 1818] : (H'ANA 0002) : begins, "I sit down to write you with every intention of saying a great deal ..."; immediately followed on same paper, continuing to a second lettersheet, is an autograph letter from Leigh Hunt to the Shelleys (LH 0020). Filed under Leigh Hunt. Published with commentary as SC 486 in Shelley and his Circle v. VI, p. 605. -- 1 autograph letter signed : 7 Sep 1821 : (H'ANA 0003) : begins, "You see Mr. Hunts reasons for not coming to you, he understands those things better than I do and of course he is right ..."; immediately followed on the same paper by an autograph letter from leigh Hunt to Mary Shelley (LH 0037). Filed under Leigh Hunt. · To William Tait, bookseller and publisher : 1 autograph letter signed : 7 Jun 1836 : (H'ANA 0014) : from 4 Upper Cheyne Row, Chelsea; begins, "You will I hope excuse the liberty I am taking in letting you know that a remittance from you just now will do Mr. Hunt more good than twice the sum you are indebted to him ..."

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