Miscelánea manuscrita [Manuscrito]. S.XVII.


Burckard, Johannes ca. 1445-1506. Miscelánea manuscrita [Manuscrito].

Miscelánea manuscrita [Manuscrito]. S.XVII.

338 h. 35 x 24 cm.

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Richelieu, Armand Jean du Plessis, duc de, 1585-1642

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French bishop and cardinal, he served as the French Secretary of State, 1616-1618 and as the chief minister of France under Louis XIII, King of France, 1624-1642. From the description of [Note] 1627 may 14 / Armand Card de Richelieu. (Smith College). WorldCat record id: 320955000 ...

Laval, Gilles de, Seigneur de Rets

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Eduardo Farnesio, Duque de Parma

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Carandini, Alfonso, Cardenal.

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Roger, M. (Michel), 1945-

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Lorraine, Maison de

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Marino, Giambattista, 1569-1625

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Sir Thomas Hawkins (d. 1640) was a recusant courtier, poet and friend of Ben Jonson. He produced several translations in both verse and prose; his translation of selected poems by Horace was published in 1625. From the description of Musick : sacred discourses upon the seauen words spoken by our sauiour Christ on the crosse circa 1620 / written in Italian by Cauallier Marino and translated into English by Sir Thomas Hawkins. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702193770 ...

Burchard, Johann, -1506

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Poitiers, Jean de, Sieur de Saint Vallier 1475?-1539

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Sorel, Charles

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