Cartas literarias [Manuscrito]. S.XVIII.


Cartas literarias [Manuscrito]. S.XVIII.

173 h. 20 x 14 cm.

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Estrada, Nicolás de. (person)

Iglesia Católica Papa (1724-1730: Benedicto XIII) , (1724-11-06) (corporateBody)

Torrepalma, Rufino Antonio (person)

Soto y Marne, Francisco de (person)

Dominicans (corporateBody)

In a broad sense Dominican refers to a family of friars (clerical and nonclerical), cloistered nuns, professed sisters in apostolic congregations, and laity, all of whom consider St. Dominic de Guzman as their founder and inspiration. In the narrower sense Dominicans refers to the Order of Friars Preachers founded by St. Dominic de Guzmǹ in 1216. Honorius III gave formal sanction to their work on December 22, 1216, and on January 17, 1217, approved their title and preaching mission. The Dominic...

Noris, Enrico, 1631-1704 (person)

Epithet: Cardinal 1695 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000352.0x0001bc ...

Puig, Leopoldo Geronimo (person)

Martínez Salafranca, Juan, 1697-1772 (person)

Sarmiento, Martín, 1695-1772 (person)

Spanish Benedictine monk, associated with Juan de Iriarte, the royal librarian. From the description of Bibliotecha par el Martino Sarmiento Benedictivo (bibliographical treatise), 1748. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 80191137 ...

Pope, Alexander, 1763-1835 (person)

English actor and painter. From the description of Partially printed document signed, dated : [London], 4 November 1819, 1819 Nov. 4. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270675116 ...

Jimeno, Vicente. (person)

Cevallos, José Antonio (person)

Baronio, Cesare, 1538-1607 (person)

Ramsay, Chevalier 1686-1743 (person)

Pérez de Prado y Cuesta, Francisco 1678-1755 (person)

Iglesia Católica Papa (1700-1721: Clemente XI) (corporateBody)

Piquer, Andrés, 1711-1772 (person)

Mayáns y Siscar, Gregorio, 1699-1781 (person)

Rivera, Manuel Bernardo de (O. SS. T.) (person)

Nassarre y Férriz, Blas Antonio, 1689-1751 (person)

Verdugo de Castilla, Alonso 1706-1767 (person)

Feijóo, Benito Jerónimo (1676-1764). (person)

Iglesia Católica Papa (1740-1758: Benedicto XIV) , (1748-07-31) (corporateBody)

Racine, Louis (person)

Epithet: son of Jean Racine poet British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000471.0x00010e ...

Codorniu, Antonio, 1699-1770 (person)