Oral history interview with William Herrmann, 2004 March 31.


Oral history interview with William Herrmann, 2004 March 31.

Interview with William Herrmann, physicist and Army Air Forces veteran (719th Bomb Squadron, 449th Bomb Group, 15th Air Force), concerning his experiences as a B-24 navigator in the Mediterranean and European Theaters during World War II. His decision to join the Enlisted Reserve Corps while a student at the University of Massachusetts, September, 1942; call to active duty, March, 1943, and Army basic training at Kearns, Utah; decision to volunteer for Aviation Cadet training at Superior, Wisconsin, August, 1943; flexible gunnery training, Laredo, Texas, 1943; navigator training, San Marcos Army Air Base, Texas, 1943-44; assignment to the 449th Bomb Group, Foggia, Italy, 1944; his appointment as lead navigator for the 719th Bomb Squadron, 1944; his assessment of the B-24 Liberator; mission to Vienna, Austria, getting hit by flak, and making a forced landing on the island of Vis off the coast of Yugoslavia, August, 1944; mission to a ball bearing factory at Linz, Austria; receiving cracked teeth and a concussion from a flak burst; the combat death of his hutmate and how it affected him; his last mission, April, 1945; his return to college on the GI Bill and his postwar business career.

70 leaves ; 29 cm.

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