Oral history interview with Johnny Cox, 2004 February 14.


Oral history interview with Johnny Cox, 2004 February 14.

Interview with Johnny Cox, painter, concerning his experiences while attending the Texas International Pop Festival, Lewisville, Texas, August 30-September 1, 1969. Generational conflicts with his parents; guitar lessons as a teenager in Lubbock, Texas; appeal of the Beatles and their music; high school friends and activities; changing clothing styles in the Sixties; enrollment at Texas Tech University, 1969; playing in bands while at Texas Tech; meeting his first wife; his opposition to the Vietnam War; his decision to attend the Texas International Pop Festival; drug use at the festival; comments about Janis Joplin's performance; comments about Canned Heat and B.B. King; his first personal use of LSD; comments about the performance of Led Zeppelin; comments about the performance of Spirit; how LSD put the music in a different perspective for him; comments about crowd behavior at the festival; the "free stage"; B.B. King and Johnny Winter playing on stage together; the Texas International Pop Festival as a turning point in his life.

82 leaves ; 29 cm.

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