Michael Lydon Collection, 1977-1997, bulk 1995-1997.


Michael Lydon Collection, 1977-1997, bulk 1995-1997.

Collection includes 91 audiocassette recordings of interviews about Ray Charles, a radio series about Ray Charles based on Lydon's book (2 compact discs), complete or partial transcripts for many of the interviews organized loosely into book chapters (electronic files), interviews with and about other African American musicians (3 compact discs), class lectures given by Lydon at Indiana University and related publicity materials, and original music performed by Lydon (2 compact discs). The bulk of the interviews were conducted by Lydon between 1994-1997 in preparation for his biography of Ray Charles. In addition to three interviews with Charles, there are also interviews with many of Charles's friends, family members, and associates including former managers and band members. Overall, the interviews document the significant contributions to American music by Charles, whose gospel-inflected rhythm and blues gave birth to soul. Of broader interest are the conversations with a multitude of musicians and record company personnel whose careers spanned the decades 1940-1980, providing a first person chronicle of the postwar emergence and influence of black popular music. Related materials include a BBC Radio 2 series, "Ray Charles: Man and Music" based on Lydon's book, and various promotional and biographical materials. Recent accessions include earlier interviews conducted by Lydon with Bo Diddley and Wilson Pickett. Materials documenting Lydon's career include commercial CDs featuring original music performed by Lydon, recordings of lectures given by Lydon during a 2001 visit to Indiana University, and various collected writings: Lyrics: 1971-2001 (Patrick Press, 2001); Now What?: A Philosophy of Freedom and Equality (Patrick Press, 1993); and Freedom Now!: Reports from Mississippi and the South, 1964-1965 (Patrick Press, 2002).

93 sound cassettes, 7 sound discs : digital, 4 3/4 in., 1 document case.


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Revolutionary War officer. From the description of John Lewis letter, 1796. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 36200112 Lewis, contractor for the construction of Lemmons Wharf, Charlestown, Massachusetts. From the description of Contract, 1728. (Boston Athenaeum). WorldCat record id: 41417826 Civil rights leader. From the description of Reminiscences of John Lewis : oral history, 1970. (Columbia University In the City of New York)...

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R&B singer Mable John was born on November 3, 1930 in Bastrop, Louisiana to Mertis and Lillian John. As the eldest of ten children, John began singing with her siblings as a child, putting on programs and singing traditional gospel tunes while her mother played the guitar. John and her family moved to Arkansas, where her brother, the legendary singer and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, William "Little Willie" John was born. The family later moved to Detroit, Michigan. Inspired by her br...

Lydon, Michael J.

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Michael Lydon graduated from Yale University in 1965 and embarked on a career as a writer and musician. He covered the Civil Rights Movement for the Boston Globe and then moved on to Newsweek where he worked as a staff reporter for the London and San Francisco bureaus. In 1967 he was invited by Jann Wenner to became a founding editor of Rolling Stone. During this period he experienced first hand the London music scene, regularly attended performances at the Fillmore and Avalon Ballrooms in San F...

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Historian of science (radar history). Died 1997. From the description of John Bryant collection. (American Institute of Physics). WorldCat record id: 77679066 Bryant was an historian of science (radar history). Died 1997. From the description of Selected interviews with notes on the history of radar from the John Bryant collection. (American Institute of Physics). WorldCat record id: 80291315 Resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan. From the descript...

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Brown, Ruth, 1928-2006

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Adams, Joel

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Wexler, Jerry, 1950-

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Jerry Wexler (1917- ) was born in New York City. He was a partner with Ahmet Ertegun in Atlantic Records, an independent record label specializing in rhythm and blues, a term Wexler coined while a report for Billboard Magazine. With Atlantic, Stax, and other labels, Wexler created a greatly influential corpus of classic rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and soul music. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. From the description of Jerry Wexler collection, 1967-20...


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