Archive of Idaho Folklore, 1963-1972.


Archive of Idaho Folklore, 1963-1972.

Folksongs, folkstories, tall tales, ghost stories, recipes, rhymes and riddles collected by University of Idaho students in English 104 classes directed by Jan Harold Brunvand, 1961-1965, and others; also short research papers on folklore.

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Brunvand, Jan Harold. (person)

Brunvand was born Mar. 23, 1933 in Cadillac, MI; BA and MA, Michigan State Univ. (1955 and 1957); attended Univ. of Oslo, 1956-57; PhD., Indiana Univ., 1961; asst. professor of English, Univ. of Idaho, Moscow, 1961-65; assoc. professor of English, Southern Illinois Univ. at Edwardsville, 1965-66; assoc. professor (1966-71) and professor (1971- ) of English and folklore, Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City; author of The vanishing hitchhiker : American urban legends and their meanings (1981); editor, T...