Diaries and Letters of Electus Backus, ca.1809-1860.


Backus, Electus, 1804-1862. Diaries and Letters of Electus Backus, ca.1809-1860.

Diaries and Letters of Electus Backus, ca.1809-1860.

The 31-page diary by Electus Backus covers his time traveling from San Antonio to El Paso, Texas in 1850 and 1851. In the diary he talks about Bishop John Lamy, Lorenzo Sitgreaves, Dr. S. W. Woodhouse, members of the Sitgreaves Expedition, as well as the bad weather and the landscape and inhabitants of Texas. He also discusses his journey from El Paso to Albuquerque. There is one diary page by Backus in June 1848 while he was taking part in the Mexican War in Puebla, Mexico, the site where Santa Ana executed Mexía; he mentions meeting General Stephen Kearny. There is also one page of a diary by Backus from 1860 while he was living in El Paso. There are also several letters and statements regarding Backus' protest against and disagreement with a letter by the Secretary of War, Charles Conrad, stating that he was commissioned to Major of the 3rd U.S. Infantry on October 10, 1850; Backus believed it was June 10 instead. This material includes letters by Backus to Adjutant General Roger Jones and Senator Jefferson Davis, who was on the Committee of Military Affairs, along with a statement of facts by Backus. There is also a copy of a letter by Backus to Colonel Samuel Cooper in August 1860 about his commission date. Also included is a 5-page manuscript by Hugh Brady about his brother, Samuel Brady, Indian fighter of western Pennsylvania (the draft is in Backus' handwriting - Hugh Brady was Backus' father-in-law). There is also one letter by Electus Backus, Sr., to his brother Andrew in New York. This letter was written while he was with the US Army in New Orleans in 1809.

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Backus, Electus, 1804-1862.

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Electus Backus was born in New York in 1804. He was the son of Colonel Electus Backus who was killed at Sackett's Harbor in 1813. The younger Backus graduated from West Point in 1824 and fought in the Seminole and the Mexican wars. In June 1850, Backus, who was Major of the 3rd U.S. Infantry, was assigned command of Fort Defiance, Arizona. Backus died in Detroit in June 1862, just after he was made Colonel of the 6th U.S. Infantry. From the description of Diaries and Letters of Elect...

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Born at Standing Stone, Pennsylvania, July 20, 1768; ensign in the army of General Wayne, 1792; returned to his home, 1795; received a captain's commission, 1798; occupied land near Pittsburg; resided then at Northumberland, 1807-1812; went again to the front and served during the Canadian campaign in command of 22nd regiment infantry; colonel of 2nd infantry, New York, 1819; brevet. brigadier-general, 1822; placed in command of the Northwest territory headquarters at Detroit, 1825 until his dea...

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Soldier; born in Westmoreland County, Va., in 1789. Served in the War of 1812 at Chippewa and Lundy's Lane; breveted lieutenant-colonel for gallantry during the sortie from Fort Erie. From the description of Journal of a military inspection tour of the Western Lakes, 1819 May 30-July 18. (Buffalo History Museum). WorldCat record id: 71303917 Army officer. From the description of Papers of Roger Jones, 1816-1819. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71069337 Fr...

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Army officer. From the description of Orders of Samuel Cooper, 1860. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79449910 Native of New Jersey, adjutant general in the U.S. Army, and adjutant general and inspector general in the Confederate Army. From the description of Samuel Cooper papers, 1775-1893 [manuscript]. (Oceanside Free Library). WorldCat record id: 24201832 Samuel Cooper was a native of New Jersey, adjutant general in the United States Army, and adjutant ...

Sitgreaves Expedition (1851)

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U.S. secretary of war, U.S. senator and representative of Louisiana, and Confederate army officer. From the description of Charles Magill Conrad appointment, 1850. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79456101 Lawyer; member of U.S. Congress; Secretary of War under President Fillmore. From the description of Letters, 1848-1853. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 32878741 American lawyer and statesman; Secretary of War. From the descript...

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Biographical Information José Antonio Mexía A Cuban, José Mexía came to Mexico in 1823. He was a federalist who rose to the position of general in the Mexican Army. Upon being sent by Montezuma, the commandante at Tampico, to punish Texas rebels, in 1832, Mexía changed his views concerning Texas and turned back to Tampico. He attempted to obtain help from New Orleans and returned to Mexico in November ...