Oliver Goldsmith correspondence, 1866 March 26


Oliver Goldsmith correspondence, 1866 March 26

Letter to Butler Ives with explanatory notes concerning many of Goldsmith's contemporaries in Detroit at the time.

0.2 linear ft. (1 wallet: 12 p.)

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Detroit, Mich. resident, brigadier general (brevet major general) and division and corps commander during the Civil War. From the description of Alpheus S. Williams map collection, 1864. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 238012406 Attorney, businessman, politician and soldier. Alpheus S. Williams, son of Ezra and Hepzibah (Starkey) Williams, was born at Saybrook, Conn., Sep. 20, 1810. Graduated from Yale University, 1831; studied three ye...

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Baker, George C.

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Williams, Nathan Glenn 1915-

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Palmer, John (Bath architect)

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Goldsmith, Oliver, 1828-1911.

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Born in Salem, Mass., 1827; came to Detroit at age of 14; when he was 22 joined the Wolverine rangers who made their way overland to California in 1849; sought his fortune in Calif., Central and South America for several years; returned to Detroit in the late 50's and engaged in the tobacco business, erecting a large plant at Woodward & Jefferson avenues; was a director of the Detroit copper and brass rolling mills, Detroit and Cleveland Navig. Co., Detroit Fire and Marine Insurance Co. and ...