Emory Olin Watson papers, 1834-1935.


Watson, Emory Olin, 1865-1935. Emory Olin Watson papers, 1834-1935.

Emory Olin Watson papers, 1834-1935.

Personal and family correspondence; sermons; correspondence and articles re the dispsensary system, Christian education, the relationship of the church to the textile industry in South Carolina, chaplains serving in World War I, American Friends of Greece, the Federal Council of Churches, the ecumenical movement, and the operation of the Southern Christian Advocate newspaper. Collection also includes research and correspondence re 1932 biographical directory titled Builders, a volume of historical sketches of South Carolina Methodist preachers, edited by Watson; and genealogical data on the Leitner, Niswanger, and Funchess families. Correspondents include Newton D. Baker, Eugene S. Blease, S. Parkes Cadman, Warren A. Candler, John Gary Evans, Charlton DuRant, William B. King, W.R. Lambuth, William F. McDowell, Fitz Hugh McMaster, Florence Mims, Edwin B. Mouzon, Daniel C. Roper, Charles C. Selecman, David Duncan Wallace, and Mary O. Holler, to whom Watson confides, 11 Sept. 1931, "My idea of the glory of another world is not one of perfect rest but of activity without irritating circumstances and where one's efforts meet with real results." Topics discussed include politics of the 1920s and 1930s, and issues re church and state; in letter, 8 Aug. 1928, to Bishop James Cannon, Jr., Watson explains his position in the campaign against N.Y. Gov. Alfred Smith, "If Joe Talbert who has been the dictator of the Republican Party in S.C. could be put into the background and a first-class man of character, even though Republican, put in his place, this state might command the votes of Simon-pure dry Democrats." J.W. Berry assures Watson in 1931, "That man Hambrite [J.C. Hambright] willl make trouble in S.C. again worse than the whiskey problem. It is time our preachers quit making political speeches from the pulpit. You can't legislate Christianity." Oversize and smaller volumes include scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and sermons and addresses by Watson; lists of church members and records of visits; engagement calendars; financial records; diaries; and sermon notes. Scrapbook, 1898-1935 (volumes 1and 1-A) consisting of original volume and photocopy of newspaper clippings re: the South Carolina dispensary, the history of South Carolina Methodism, the history of Beaufort, S.C., Walter Russell Lambuth, Edwin D. Mouzon, W.I Herbert, and Paul B. Kern, and material re Watson's career as a pastor, administrator, and editor. Scrapbook, 1900-1935 (volumes 2 and 2-A) consisting of original volume and photocopy of newspaper clippings of a home Bible study series written by Watson and articles re: Barbara Heck, Prohibition and the 18th Amendment, and the 150th anniversary of American Methodism. Bound volume, 1933 titled, "Visits Made to South Carolina by Bishop Asbury as Set Forth in Asbury's Journals" consisting of newspaper clippings from the Southern Christian Advocate re: Francis Asbury, Methodist churches in Camden and Columbia, S.C., and Sebastian Funchess.

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Mouzon, Edwin D. (Edwin Du Bose), 1869-1937

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Baker, Newton Diehl, 1871-1937

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Funchess, Sebastian.

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Watson, Emory Olin, 1865-1935.

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Methodist minister of South Carolina; secretary, South Carolina Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church; founder and president of Horry Industrial School, 1913-1914; general secretary, War Work Commission of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1920-1925; secretary, General Committee of Army and Navy Chaplains, Federal Council of Churches, Washington, D.C., 1920-1925; secretary, American Friends of Greece and Fatherless Children, 1926; and newspaper editor of the Southern Christian Advocate, 1927-1933...

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Southern Christian Advocate

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DuRant, Charlton, 1874-1953

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South Carolina. Dispensary.

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Horry Industrial School (Horry County, S.C.)

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Watson family

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McMaster, Fitz Hugh, 1867-

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Asbury, Francis, 1745-1816

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Francis Asbury (1745-1816) was one of the first two bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States. Born in England, he came to America in 1771; in 1784 he, with Thomas Coke, was named the head of the Methodist Church in America. There is a statue to his memory in Washington, DC, and in many towns and cities across America one may find an Asbury United Methodist Church. From the guide to the Francis Asbury Letters, 1811, (Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse ...

Candler, Warren A. (Warren Akin), 1857-1941

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Warren Akin Candler, Methodist clergyman and educator of Atlanta, Georgia, was born 23 August 1857, near Villa Rica in Carroll County, Georgia and died at his home in Atlanta on 25 September 1941. Candler graduated from Emory College (A.B., 1875; A.M., 1878); served various circuits in the North Georgia Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (1875-1886); married Sarah Antoinette (Nettie) Curtright (1877); was appointed editor of the CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE (1886); was elected President o...

Cadman, S. Parkes (Samuel Parkes), 1864-1936

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Evans, John Gary, 1863-1942

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Lawyer, state legislator, and governor of South Carolina, 1894-1897; born 1863, Cokesbury, S.C.; married, 1897, to Emily Mansfield Plume; resident of Spartanburg, S.C.; nephew of S.C. Sen. Martin Witherspoon Gary (1831-1881). From the description of John Gary Evans papers, 1793-1965 ; (bulk, 1863-1942). (University of South Carolina). WorldCat record id: 28408776 From the description of John Gary Evans papers: correspondence series: 1793-1940 (bulk 1880-1934). (University of...