Oral history interview with Susan Khammash, 2003 March 02.


Khammash, Susan., 1951-. Oral history interview with Susan Khammash, 2003 March 02.

Oral history interview with Susan Khammash, 2003 March 02.

Interview with Susan Khammash concerning her recollections while attending the Texas International Pop Festival, August 30-September 1, 1969, in Lewisville, Texas. Her early interest in popular music, particularly The Beatles; her rejection of middle-class cultural values; influence of the Vietnam War on young people; her decision to attend the Texas International Pop Festival; her involvement with the Back-To-Earth movement; cowboys, bikers, and townfolk; security; alcohol and drug use; activities of the Hog Farm; medical and camping facilities; "Wavy Gravy" (Hugh Romney); Grand Funk Railroad, Led Zeppelin, Santana, Ten Years After, Chicago, and Janis Joplin; her thoughts about environmentalism; the women's movement; the role of music as a reflection of the hippie movement of the Sixties.

48 leaves ; 29 cm.

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