Volodymyr Levyt︠s︡ʹkyĭ papers, 1880s-1980.


Levyt︠s︡ʹkyĭ, Volodymyr. Volodymyr Levyt︠s︡ʹkyĭ papers, 1880s-1980.

Volodymyr Levyt︠s︡ʹkyĭ papers, 1880s-1980.

The Levyts'kyi Collection is a rich source for historical information about Ukrainian cultural, political, and social organizations such as the Oborona Ukrainy (Defense of Ukraine), Ukrains'kyi Robitnychyi soiuz (Ukrainian Workingmen's Association), and the Ukrainian Socialist Radical party. At various times, Volodymyr Levyts'kyi was chief editor of "Hromads'kyi holos" and "Narodna volia" and the collection comprises files of these publications as well. The material in the collection is arranged in eight series. The collection primarily contains correspondence and files related to Levyts'kyi's professional, political, and public activities. Levyts'kyi corresponded with leading activists of "Oborona Ukrainy", URS, and Hromads'kyi holos, including Myroslav Sichyns'kyi, Mykola Tsehlyns'kyi, Panas Fedenko, and others. The collection reflects the variety of Levyts'kyi's activity as an editor, community leader, and leading member of various political and public organizations. Besides those already mentioned above, there are interesting documents related to his work in the press office of the UNR (Ukrains'ka Narodna Respublica) mission in Berlin, including a typescript of the report on the financial secret service in Berlin. Photographs in the collection include some photos of prominent figures, such as Mykola Bazhan, Andrii Holovko, Rockwell Kent, Nikita Khrushchev, Andrii Malyshko, Nikolai Tikhonov, Vitalii Korotych, and delegates ro the United Nations. There is also a collection of photographs of Ukrainian folk costumes, and of Ukrainian internees in German camps with inscriptions. Among the highlights of the collection are the files relating to the 1948 "Wallace for President" campaign, which reflect deep involvement of the Ukrainian community, and a small collection of sheet music and lyrics of the Ukrainian songs. Levyts'kyi actively participated in both American and Ukrainian political and social life. His papers contain some documents of the American Labor Party and the Progressive Party and his reports for the Field Study Division of the Foreign Nationalities Branch. The Levyts'kyi papers also contain his personal documents, biographical materials, and printed materials. Oversize items were removed from the files where they logically belong, organized in a separate series, and stored in two flat boxes and one oversized folder kept in the map case. Reference are provided. The collection serves as a source of information on the various national communities and ethnic groups in the United States, such as Polish-Americans, Russian-Americans, Ukrainian-Americans and their relations with each other. It also contains some materials on Ukrainian-Jewish relations. There are cross-references provided throughout the finding aid. When the cross-reference refers to another item within the same series, the reference includes the specific name or title and box and folder number (this also applies to the references within same subseries and sub-subseries). If the cross-reference is to an item in another series, the reference includes the series number, series name, folder title, and box and folder numbers (this also applies to the references to items in another subseries and sub-subseries).

14 linear ft. (22 document boxes; 2 flat boxes; 1 oversize folder)





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