Papers of Irene Davall, 1971-1987.


Papers of Irene Davall, 1971-1987.

The collection contains Davall's writings, including copies of her column, "The Liberated Woman" (covering topics such as the Equal Rights Amendment, reproductive and abortion rights, marriage, divorce, the decriminalization of prostitution, health care, and gender-based socio-economic inequality) and clippings about feminism, but very little personal material. The bulk consists of drafts and correspondence regarding a manuscript compiled by Davall and Phyllis Sanders. The manuscript, initially titled "The Changing Role of Women," was based on a weekly radio show that Sanders hosted for several years. Sanders interviewed hundreds of women for the program; the proposed manuscript was initially based on interviews of seventy-five women, divided into thirteen subjects. As the project evolved, they limited the number of interviews to forty and changed its title to "Voices of Restless Women: Speaking of Their Struggle for Change in the 1970s." The work was not published.

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