D'Avalos Pescara family papers, 1512-1902.


D'Avalos Pescara family. D'Avalos Pescara family papers, 1512-1902.

D'Avalos Pescara family papers, 1512-1902.

466 documents (mostly originals, but with some copies) organized chronologically, containing historical information, correspondence, and notarial and legal documents pertaining to the Pescara branch of the d'Avalos family, covering the years 1512 to 1902, fairly evenly, but with the 16th century represented by the most documents and the 20th represented by only a few. Most of the documents of the collection deal with the relationship between the family and the Spanish monarchs and viceroys, as well as the Duchy of Milan, which was also under Spanish control after the Treaty of Cateau-Cambrésis. Examples of the privileges of the d'Avalos Pescara include the donations of large estates in the kingdom of Naples (in the Naples, Benevento, and Chieti areas, among others); the right to mint coins; the right to have a personal guard in Vasto, a fortified town in Chieti; reduced tax rates; and commercial and customs exemptions. In a few cases, the same document appears with translations in Italian, Spanish, and Latin. The collection also contains correspondence (between the d'Avalos Pescara and the Spanish kings, queens, and viceroys; Francesco III d'Este; and many others), postcards (including some early 20th-century letters written on decorated stationery, Folder 23); personal checks (Folder 18); property inventories; and miscellaneous legal, notarial, and historical documents. In certain cases, the names of the lawyers or notaries (for example, Felipe de Cervellón and Tullio de Luca), and financial professionals (Venceslao Majo) that drafted documents for the d'Avalos Pescara are also present. 1 oversize document containing a copy of the ratification of Charles III as king of Naples is stored in a map drawer folder.

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Pescara, Ferdinando Francesco d'Avalos, marchese di, 1489-1525

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Spain. Sovereign (1598-1621 : Philip III)

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Pescara, Francesco Ferdinando Avalos, marchese di, 1530-1571

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Montesarchio, Carlo d'Avalos, principe di.

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Pescara, Cesare Michelangelo d'Avalos, marchese di, 1667-1729.

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Pescara, Francesco d'Avalos, 1889-1927.

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Alfonso XIII, King of Spain, 1886-1941

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De Luca, Tullio

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D'Avalos Pescara family.

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The d'Avalos family, originally of Spanish descent, arrived in Italy in the 15th century, when Iñigo I d'Avalos came with Alfonso V of Aragon during his campaign to reconquer Naples. Later, Iñigo married Antonella d'Aquino, heiress to the marquisate of Pescara, a small but strong feud in southern Italy, therefore establishing the name of the branch, d'Avalos Pescara. The family always maintained a strong bond with the Spanish crown that, in return, conferred them numerous privileges and rights...

Medinaceli, Luis Francisco de la Cerda, duque de, 1654-1711.

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Pescara, Tommaso d'Avalos, marchese di, 1752-1806.

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Pescara, Anna d'Avalos, 1888-1973.

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Colonna, Vittoria, 1492-1547

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Pescara, Giovan Battista d'Avalos, marchese di, 1694-1749.

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Catholic Church. Archdiocese of Palermo (Italy)

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Palma, Michele de, Archbishop of Chieti.

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Mayo, Venceslao.

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Cervellón, Felipe de.

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Spain. Sovereign (1479-1504 : Ferdinand V and Isabella I)

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Spain. Sovereign (1700-1746 : Philip V)

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Toledo, Pedro ˜deœ 1484-1553

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Epithet: Marqués de Villafranca British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001240.0x00026d ...

Pescara, Giuseppe d'Avalos, principe di, 1865-1907.

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Pescara, Isabella d'Avalos, marchesa di.

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Spain. Sovereign (1665-1700 : Charles II)

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Poggio, Giovanni, 1493-1556

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Pescara, Ferdinando d'Avalos, 1894-1962.

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Pescara, Alfonso d'Avalos, marchese di, approximately 1450-1495

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Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, 1500-1558

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Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire from 1519 to 1556 and, as Charles I, king of Spain from 1516-1556. From the description of Letter, 1557. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122622485 Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire from 1519 to 1556 and, as Charles I, King of Spain from 1516-1556. From the description of Letter, 1555. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 145435417 Emperor of Germany and king of Spain. From the description of Letter to Nicholas de Arti...

Naples (Kingdom). Sovereign (1759-1806 : Ferdinand IV)

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Colonna d'Aragona, Maria

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Téllez Girón, Pedro, duque de Osuna, 1574-1624.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6988n6z (person)

Pescara, Carlo d'Avalos, marchese di, 1891-1970.

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Monterey, Manuel de Fonseca y Zúñiga, conde de.

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