Pike collection.


Pike, George Simmons. Pike collection.

Pike collection.

This collection consists of photos dealing with the Pike family (ca. 1906). There are approx. 60 b&w photos. taken from tintypes and glass plates, most of which were taken by George Simmons Pike. Most of the prints have corresponding negatives. All of the photos. are 4 x 5 inches and range in quality from poor to excellent. All of the photos. are labeled. Most of the individuals have been identified, as noted in Appendix 1. Most of the photos. are of family members and there is a portion of the Pike family tree with the pictures. Other subjects include the family farm, Michigan Agricultural College, and Ferris Institute. The Pikes are related to the Cooks, the Cutlers, the Simmons, and the Scotts, as well as others shown in the photos. and named in the family tree. The collection is arranged as received.

1 folder .2 cu. ft.

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