Katherine Bayard Heyward papers, 1900-1974.


Heyward, Katherine Bayard, 1886-1974. Katherine Bayard Heyward papers, 1900-1974.

Katherine Bayard Heyward papers, 1900-1974.

Travel journals, newspaper articles, photographs, and correspondence re Heyward's career as an artist and college professor in Columbia, S.C., and travel diaries documenting European travels of Heyward and her colleague Miss Mildred Hart (b. 1883), of Cleveland, Oh., during the Great Depression. Two travel journals, 1936 (unbound volume), of K.B. Heyward, and volume, 1936-1940, of Mildred Hart discuss European travel and impressions of travels by car through France and Spain (ca. June and July 1936), at the height of the Spanish Civil War and their evacuation from Madrid; including essay, "What revolution is like in Spain." Entries describe sailing, 8 June 1936, from Montreal, Canada, with automobile purchased for the tour, arrival in France, drive through Spain, and confinement to their hotel in Madrid for four days, beginning July 18th. Authorities allowed the women to depart by train from Valencia, 29 July 1936 after which they returned to France. Despite the uncertainty of the situation, Heyward reported more typical tourist experiences, such as a visit to the Prado on July 26th. An earlier volume, 1927-1928, records Mildred Hart's travels in Europe, Asia, and across the United States. Later items include feature articles and obituary documenting her life and work as an artist and instructor under whose leadership the University of South Carolina Art Department was established. A letter of 26 Nov. 1968 from John Richard Craft, director of the Columbia Museum of Art, to Peggy Belser Hollis pays tribute to her Aunt Katherine's "endless gifts to the formation and progress of the Columbia Museum of Art" and states that the Museum "is a monument to the desire and devotion of Miss Katherine Bayard Heyward to the cultural interests of her City." Photographs of Heyward and Hart, as well as Heyward's siblings and parents, Gov. and Mrs. Duncan Clinch Heyward, a visual record spanning at least three quarters of a century. Volume of family history, "Genealogical scrap book of the family of Mary Campbell Heyward," (63 pp.), containing data and photographs of members of the Heyward and allied families, including Barnwell, Bayard, Bell, Belser, Campbell, Clinch, Coak, Gignilliat, Grigsby, Houston, McCorkle, McIntosh, McNutt, Manigault, Mathews, and Neslson.

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Founder, 1925, and first departmental chair of the art department and first female faculty member of the University of South Carolina; graduate of South Carolina College for Women; also taught at her alma mater, the Skudder School, and at the New York School of Applied Design for Women; daughter of Duncan Clinch Heyward (1864-1943), governor of South Carolina, 1903-1907. From the description of Katherine Bayard Heyward papers, 1900-1974. (University of South Carolina). WorldCat recor...

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