New England man's travel diary, 1831.


New England man's travel diary, 1831.

New England man's travel diary, 1831.

Collection consists of a travel diary. There is little information to help identify the author, although it seems that he was from New England, literate and interested in issues of the time. The volume covers only the first day of a journey beginning in Boston, continuing to New York City, up the Hudson to Albany and back across New England. He writes of the stagecoach ride to Providence, and of the trip into Long Island Sound on a steamboat. His companions were three men from S.C., two from Charleston, and one from Columbia. He reports their conversation on various topics such as tariff legislation, nullification, secession, slavery, salaries for clergymen, and prostitution. He also describes Providence and Newport, R.I. and gives details of his accommodations on the ship, BOSTON. Also included are anecdotes about Washington Allston, the painter, and Thomas Cooper, educator.

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