Crawford Pilcher oral history interview, 1993 Feb. 23.


Pilcher, Crawford, 1908-. Crawford Pilcher oral history interview, 1993 Feb. 23.

Crawford Pilcher oral history interview, 1993 Feb. 23.

The collection consists of an oral history interview with Crawford Pilcher on February 23, 1993 in which he discusses his personal background; "Little New Deal" under Governor Rivers; the Rivers administration; Cocking affair; Pilcher as Assistant Attorney General; railroad freight case; Fred Hand; Jimmy Pippin; the Henry Grady Hotel; Roy Harris; Ham Lokey; Jack Ray; James Carmichael; Eugene Talmadge; three-governor controversy; Henry Duckworth; Talmadges' campaign for governor; Bill Hartsfield; county unit system; Marvin Thompson; Georgia Power and Light rate inequity; SEC; Federal Power Commission; NARUC (National Association of Rural Utility Companies); Southern Natural Gas lawsuit; Georgia Power rate case; Southern Bell rates; Knowles Davis; Properties Commission; Southern Railroad; Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial Association; 1968 Democratic National Convention; leaving Democratic party; and Smyrna Federal Savings and Loan.

1 audiotape ; cassette.Transcript (66 p.)

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