William Howitt letters and poems, 1834-1876.


William Howitt letters and poems, 1834-1876.

The collection contains thirty-one letters, five poems, a prospectus for Howitt's journal of literature and popular progress (18 December 1846), one sheet with William and Mary Howitt's autographs, a scrap of his writing, an engraving of Howitt, and a letter from Francis T. Howitt, 30 May 1842, enclosing clips of autographs from five members of his family. Howitt writes to Mr. Wright, 27 July 1834, about an abridgement he wrote; to Joseph Watson, 19 May 1838, about The rural life of England (1838); to J.H.L. Hunt, 10 January 1840, declining to help with a charity; to Miss Wood, 31 January 1840, [incomplete]; to his sister, 20 September [ca. 1840], about his impending trip to Germany and his wife Mary's health; to "Sir," 17 February 1842, with a song parody, "Take care of your daughters." To "Sir," 17 February 1843, about translations of his work into German; to "Gentlemen, " 10 May 1845, that he will have the translation of Fredrika Bremer's latest work ready soon; to "Sir, " 17 April 1846, declining work; to Southwood Smith, 5 November 1846, planning to attend his meeting; to "Gentlemen, " 30 December 1846, thanking them for his and Mary's book royalties. To printer S.W. Fullom, 29 November 1850, about delivery and editing of proofs; to James G. Clark, 23 May 1851, about Clark coming to visit; to W.H. Fullom, 4 July 1851, inviting him to meet T.K. Hervey; to J.A. Langford, 18 May 1861, sending regrets; to Epes Sargent, 20 January 1864, about book pirating; to Mary Harrison, 13 August 1864, with publication advice. To Rev. J.H. Wilkinson, 23 March 1869, concerning a pension application and his book The northern heights of London (1869); to Rev. F.O. Morris, 7 March 1870, about the legality of shooting birds; to Mrs. Nichols, 8 March 1870, about his writing and spiritualism, and travels; to Mr. Hall, 20 October 1871, about some journal articles. To Mrs. E.B. Gould, 13 March 1874, about a meeting location for the Animal Protection Society; to "Dear Madam," 21 June 1876, about contributing to a childrens' periodical and the anti-vivisection movement; to Tom Taylor, 24 February [n.y.], asking him to forward the enclosed [not included]; to "Dear Sir, " [n.d.], about the Charlton family; to Freiligrath, 19 Dec. 1865, sympathizing with his problem; to Miss Barnett, 10 Sept. 1867, with news of friends, family, and activities; and two fragments of letters. Also, includes his poems, "An ancient opinion and appeal" (October 1844), "Ballad," "Conscience" (October 1844), "The thistle-down" (29 August 1838), a fragment of a poem, and a fragment of text.

40 items.

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