John Blake White papers, 1800-1844.


White, John Blake, 1781-1859. John Blake White papers, 1800-1844.

John Blake White papers, 1800-1844.

Papers consist of sketchbooks, diaries, plays and other writings, genealogical material, and other items. Three diaries cover the years 1800 to 1818. The first diary ("My Journal," 1800-1802) begins with White's departure from Charleston (S.C.) on board the ship Amity and its capture by French privateers, then goes on to describe his stay in Cork (Ireland); his introduction to and studies with Benjamin West; his friends, including Washington Allston and other students from South Carolina; and a visit to Oxford University and Blenheim Castle. The second diary (1802-1803) discusses various amusements of London including tea gardens and a fair; the King's Bench Prison; the architecture of St. Paul's Cathedral; London restaurants and social life; the British Museum; a visit to Bath; and meeting Thomas Laurence and Sir William Beechey. Third diary (1803-1818) covers White's last months in England and his return to South Carolina; the death of his mother (1803); his stay in Boston (Mass.) during 1804; law studies; first marriage and children; his plays; and the death of his first wife. Plays (1805-1830) include two versions of "Foscari, or the Venetian Exile," a tragedy performed in Charleston in 1806; a manuscript of "Modern Honor" (1811), a tragedy concerning duelling; and a manuscript of "Mordaunt, or the Victim of Intemperance" (1829). In addition, there is a letter (16 August 1830) from White to "Dana" discussing his play "Mordaunt." Two sketchbooks (1802) contain pencil drawings of children, landscapes, and other subjects. Writings (1832-1844) include a manuscript of "An Essay on the Moral Excellence of Painting" (read before the Literary and Philosophical Society of Charleston in 1832); essays on capital punishment and hydropathy (hydrotherapy); and an address (1836) about temperance. Genealogical material consists of a volume (n.d.) containing notes on the White, Bellinger, Blake, O'Driscoll, and other related families. Other items include a fragment (n.d.) of a notebook containing names and addresses as well as a list of books; and a promissory note (1806).

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