Strom Thurmond John William Thurmond series, 1894-1934.


Thurmond, Strom, 1902-2003. Strom Thurmond John William Thurmond series, 1894-1934.

Strom Thurmond John William Thurmond series, 1894-1934.

John William Thurmond, father of Strom Thurmond, born May 1, 1862, at Morgana in Edgefield County. May have attended Currytown Academy and South Carolina College. Married Eleanor Gertrude Strom in 1898; six children. Teacher and farmer. Admitted to bar, 1888; practiced law in Edgefield until 1934; partnership with Carroll Johnson Ramage, 1904-1924, William Lowndes Daniel, 1926-1931, and his son Strom Thurmond, 1930-1934. Edgefield County attorney 1888-1932 ; Edgefield County supervisor of registration 1893-1934 . Member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, 1894-1896. Solicitor, Fifth Judicial Circuit, 1896-1904. Unsuccessful candidate for U.S. Congress, 1902. President South Carolina Democratic State Convention, 1906. U.S. District Attorney, Western District of South Carolina, 1915-1921. Served as special judge and special Associate Justice, South Carolina Supreme Court, Author of Thurmond's Key Cases, 1930, Attorney, South Carolina Power Company and Savannah River Electric Company, Directory, Farmer's Bank of Edgefield. Died June 17, 1934. This series contains the records of John William Thurmond's legal career, material on the book Thurmond's Key Cases and agricultural ledgers recording tenant transactions such as rent payments; charges for food, household and farm supplies; and crop yields. The legal records are divided into cases and legal correspondence. The cases (1913-1934) deal primarily with oil, railroad, lumber, insurance, coal and granite companies and the South Carolina Highway Department and also include accident, bankruptcy, criminal (such as murder) cases, divorce, estates, foreclosures, loans and wills. There is a rough alphabetical index for cases from 1930-1934, maintained by John William Thurmond. The legal correspondence not only contains letters concerning cases (including fragments of cases not listed in the index) and other legal subjects, such as alimony, child custody, mortgages, naturalization, pardons and paroles; it also includes political correspondence, some items on genealogy and the Thurmond family and letters relating to supplying Thurmond's tenant farmers.

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