Modern German authors papers, 1881-1890.


Modern German authors papers, 1881-1890.

Chiefly comprise letters giving bio-bibliographical information, sent to Dr. Erichsen for use in a projected (but abandoned) work on Modern German authors. Many are accompanied by photographs and/or printed material, and fifteen authors are represented by photographs only.

453 items.

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Avé-Lallemant, Friedrich Christian Benedict, 1809-1892 (person)

Barach, Rosa 1841-1913 (person)

Blüthgen, Victor, 1844-1920 (person)

Beyer, Konrad, 1834-1906 (person)

Calm, Marie. (person)

Coronini, Carl, Graf von Cronberg, 1818- (person)

Cappilleri, Wilhelm, 1834-1905 (person)

Detlefsen, Meta, 1855- (person)

Adelmann, Alfred Graf (person)

Beyttenmiller, Theodor 1820-1897 (person)

Augustin, Marie von Thurnberg, Baronin, 1810-1886. (person)

Bölte, Amely, 1811-1891 (person)

Brauns, C. W. E. (Caroline Wilhelmine Emma), 1836-1905 (person)

Avenarius, Ferdinand, 1856-1923 (person)

German poet and writer on art, founder of the art journal "Kunstwart". From the description of Letters, 1906. (Getty Research Institute). WorldCat record id: 83630676 ...

Calmberg, Adolf 1837-1887 (person)

Dieffenbach, Georg Christian, 1822-1901 (person)

Berger, Wilhelm 1833-1901 (person)

Binhack, Franz, 1836-1915 (person)

Bauernfeld, Eduard ˜vonœ 1802-1890 (person)

Eduard Bauernfeld, Austrian dramatist, was born in Vienna. Nathaniel Greene (1797-1877) was an American newspaper editor, Boston postmaster, and a writer who often used the name "Boscowen." From the description of Theatre von Bauernfeld translated by Nathaniel Greene, Boston, 1838. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 48020569 ...

Anzengruber, Ludwig, 1839-1889 (person)

Alberti, Sophie 1826-1892 (person)

Werner, E., 1838-1918 (person)

Cornelius, Auguste, 1826-1890. (person)

Albrecht, Hermann, 1835- (person)

Cosel, Charlotte ˜vonœ 1818-1904 (person)

Barach, Moritz, 1818-1888 (person)

Heimburg, W., 1850-1912 (person)

Dahn, Félix, 1834-1912 (person)

Dincklage-Campe, Emmy, 1825-1891. (person)

Algardi, Friedrich, 1841- (person)

Barber, Ida (person)

Barthel, Gustav Emil, 1835-1906. (person)

Bach, Ottilie, 1836-1905 (person)

Brand, Wilhelm Ferdinand 1854-1943 (person)

Erichsen, Hugo, 1860-1944 (person)

Detroit physician and author. From the description of Methods of authors papers, 1884. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34368879 From the description of Literary papers: miscellany, 1880-1896. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34368852 Detroit physician, photographer, writer, editor, translator; founder, 1913, and first president of the Cremation Association of America. From the description of Papers, 1880-1896. (University of Mi...

Brun, Ida Brunsig, Edle von, 1840- (person)

Bayer, Robert von, 1835-1902 (person)

Buchwald, Otto von, 1843-1934 (person)