Louise Chandler Moulton letters, 1854-1896.


Louise Chandler Moulton letters, 1854-1896.

The collection contains letters from Moulton to Mr. Ford, 26 July (no year), thanking him for payment for two stories and remarking that she has more of a "home feeling [in London] than is usual to my life;" to her cousin Horace P. Chandler, 188-; to Dr. Griffis, Monday [13 Feb. n.y.], inviting him to meet Mr. Von Eltz; to Editor, Who's who, 15 August n.y., returning a proof; at sea to Oswald Crawfurd, 7 Nov. (no year), requesting the true story behind the novel, Grace Tolmar; to Phillips, Sampson & Co., 21 February 1854, about publishing her book, This, that, and the other; to My dear friend, Sunday, 27 August [1893], stating that she has never printed anything unkind about anyone, her ill health, and desire to see Hereford and Tewkesbury; to Mr. Bowen, Wednesday, about the Independent rejecting love poems and noting that several people have written to her about "The Rose She Wore in Winter." Also, to Olea Bull, 3 September 1882, thanking her for her note; a four-line poem, "Why?," inscribed to Olea, 8 January 1884; to Ticknor & Company, 2 May 1887, requesting Carpenter's Liber amoris to review; 27 August 1893, about coming to England for her health, travels, and cutting remarks; to Dr. Ward, 25 February n.y., enclosing her tribute to Stevenson [not included] and the enthusiastic reception of her Sonnet sequence in the Independent; to Ben. W. Austin, 5 November n.y., about her election to an honorary membership in the Northwestern Literary and Historical Society; in Paris to Mrs. Darling, 24 Sept. 1896, accepting her invitation to speak in Boston on 20 Jan. if she is well, and notes her travel plans; to Mr. Bridgman, 2 Feb. n.y., questioning why he does not like her poem; to Mr. Braithwaite, 9 May n.y., thanking him for flowers and hoping he'll visit before she sails to Europe in two weeks if she is well enough.

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