Letters, poem, and song by George Pope Morris, 1842-1860.


Letters, poem, and song by George Pope Morris, 1842-1860.

The collection contains eight letters, one poem, and one song. Morris writes to George L. Pride, 19 May 1842, about the production of Morris's operetta, "The Maid of Saxony" [printed notice on integral leaf]; to John Neal, 25 April 1844, paying off a loan; to his son William H. Morris at West Point, 13 January 1847, about his success at the military academy; to N.P. Willis, 12 October 1850, about a message they were to talk about rather than Willis reading it; to H.T. Tuckerman, 6 December 1850, asking for a favorable review of John A. Dix's book [A winter in Madeira]; to Grace Greenwood, 29 October 1853, asking for a review of a new edition of his poems; to Benjamin Perley Poore, 22 January 1856, accepting an article for the Home Journal; and to Brantz Mayer, 24 November 1860, wanting him to come to New York City. Also, includes a printed copy of his song, "The Croton ode," and a holograph copy of his poem, "A simple story."

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