Ezra Ripley papers, 1784-1838.


Ezra Ripley papers, 1784-1838.

Correspondence, sermons, lecture, mss. of parts of series intended for newspaper publication, & reports. Some items: manuscript copies in Ripley's hand. Correspondence, 1805-1838, includes ALS to Nathan Barrett, 1812 Aug. 24, ALS to Benj. Russell, 1815 July 28, on behalf of Mary Jones Dunbar Minot (Thoreau's grandmother), letters of reference for John Barrett & Sally Chandler, letter from Town Clerk Abiel Heywood (1810 Apr. 6) concerning change in intermission of public worship, ALS to James Warren of Plymouth, Mass., 1820 Feb. 28, petition by Ripley (1822 Jan. 16) to Gov. John Brooks, on behalf of prisoner Daniel Smith. (Cont.) & ALS to Nathan Barrett (Jr.), 1838 Feb. 22; interfiled with correspondence is copy of "Observations to the congregation on the Alteration of the Intermission," read Sun. after Apr. 28, 1809. Sermons (1784 Nov. 22, 1801 May 17, 1822 Oct. 16, 1828 Nov. 16, & 1835 Jan. 25) include manuscript of Ripley's Half century discourse, apparently edited for publication. Lecture (read before Concord Lyceum, 1830 Dec. 29 and later in Lincoln and Ashby) entitled "On the government of the temper." Pseudonymous "Monument in Concord" series, [1835], consisting of installments 1 and 3-8. (Cont.) written to editor of Yeoman's Gazette and signed "Middlesex," relates to proposed Battle Monument in Concord & to Battle of Concord. Reports include committee reports by Ripley to First Parish in Concord (one 1795 one undated concerning covenant, one undated concerning measures necessitated by erosion of Hill Burying Ground), 1815 report on ecclesiastical council held in Sudbury, & 1831 report to Berry Street Conference.

27 items ; 33 cm. or smaller.

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