Papers, 1834-1852.


Clagett, Thomas H. Papers, 1834-1852.

Papers, 1834-1852.

Include correspondence, 1836-1847, from R.A. Lacey to Clagett, regarding the settlement of decendents' estates, land speculation, slaves, and the election of 1844; and correspondence, 1838-1851 from Thomas M. Locke to Clagett, regarding the grain and tobacco markets, financial matters, and accounts for household purchases. Also include two letters, 1839-1840, from F.B. Deane, Jr., Richmond Va., to Clagett, regarding the settlement of a decendent's estate and other financial matters; and letters, 1839-1841, from Phillip Nelson, Philadelphia, Pa., a free African-American, to Clagett, regarding the relocation of Nelson's family to Philadelphia and financial matters. Also include correspondence, 1839-1847, from Baruch Mullikin to Clagett, regarding Clagett's crops, Clagett's overseer, Nelson Ryan, threshing machine, tobacco and corn; and letters, 1842-1849, from Nelson Ryan, Nottingham, Md., to Clagett, regarding tobacco, corn, and wheat crops, the plantation's slaves, and plantation management. Also include three letters, 1847, from George T. Hardey, Nottingham, Md., to Clagett, regarding the sale of Clagett's crops and livestock; and letter, 21 December 1846, from Thomas Swann, Baltimore, Md, to Clagett, regarding financial matters. Also include letter, 22 April 1850, from Dorothea Lynde Dix, New York, N.Y., to Daniel Haines, regarding books purchased for prisons, and Governor Haines; and miscellanneous correspondence, 1834-1852, of Thomas H. Clagett, regarding Clagett's medical practice, financial matters, the sale of land, and the purchase of household goods.

280 (ca.) items.

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Physician and tobacco planter, of Leesburg, Va. From the description of Papers, 1834-1852. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 32960132 Clagett resided in Leesburg, Loudoun County, Va., where he was treasurer of St. James' Church. He appears to have owned a farm managed by Nelson Ryon in Nottingham [Prince Georges County], Maryland. Thomas M. Locke, of Baltimore, Maryland, was Clagett's agent for sale of wheat, tobacco, etc. From the description of Pape...

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