Letters to Francisco García Salinas, 1829-1857 (bulk 1832-1834).


Letters to Francisco García Salinas, 1829-1857 (bulk 1832-1834).

Letters pertaining to García's 1829-1834 term as governor of Zacatecas. Thirty-two of the letters are from Antonio López de Santa Anna and are dated 1832-1834. They concern Mexican politics, government, and the military, including such subjects as foreign relations, the constitution, elections, the federal and state (Zacatecas) legislatures, military insurrections, and the actions of various political and military figures. The majority of the letters were written during Santa Anna's first presidency, and many are attempts to win García to Santa Anna's centralist ideas and his goals of unifying the political parties and the country. Four letters were written to García by Anastasio Bustamante in October 1832; they are mostly about the presence of federal troops in Zacatecas and Bustamante's desire for a meeting with García. An item dated July 19, 1857, from officials at the Presidio de San José de la Ysla to the Comisario de San Pedro concerns preparations for hostilities between Mexico and Spain.

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