[Peace pamphlets. Part 4]. 1897-1950.


Andersen, Hendrik Christian, 1872-1940. [Peace pamphlets. Part 4].

[Peace pamphlets. Part 4]. 1897-1950.

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World Youth Peace Congress : 1928 : Eerde, Holland.

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Manly, Basil Maxwell, 1886-1950

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Flandin, Pierre-Étienne, 1889-1958

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Peace Pledge Union

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The Peace Pledge Union was founded in 1934, initially as a male-only organisation. Women joined from 1936. Members pledged to renounce war. The Peace Pledge Union has also provided for the victims of war such as Basque child refugees from the Spanish Civil War. From the guide to the Second World War Pacifist Publications, c1937-c1940, (Senate House Library, University of London) ...

Gonçalves, Carlos Torres, 1875-1974

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Haegelsteen, Pierre.

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American Peace Award.

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Kise, Joseph, 1893-

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Hobhouse, Stephen, 1881-1961

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Andersen, Hendrik Christian, 1872-1940

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Author and sculptor residing in Rome, Italy. From the description of Papers of Hendrik Christian Andersen, 1844-1940 (bulk 1890-1920). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71131586 Biographical Note 1872, Apr. 17 Born, Bergen, Norway 1873 Family moved to Newport, R.I. ...

Cage, Albert P.

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Americans United for World Organization

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Women's Peace Union

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The Women's Peace Union (WPU), founded in 1921, was a national organization committed to personal refusal to support war and to promote legislation outlawing war. The WPU was in favor of total independent disarmament by the U.S. and its main program was the passage of a constitutional amendment, known as the Independent Disarmament Amendment, which would make war, preparation for war or appropriations for war illegal. The WPU ceased operations in 1940. From the guide to the Women's P...

Post-War World Council

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Bradley, Rolland, 1896-

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Lockwood, Belva Ann, 1830-1917

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Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood (October 24, 1830 – May 19, 1917) was an American attorney, politician, educator, and author. She was active in working for women's rights, including women's suffrage. Lockwood overcame many social and personal obstacles related to gender restrictions. After college, she became a teacher and principal, working to equalize pay for women in education. She supported the movement for world peace, and was a proponent of the Temperance movement. Lockwood graduated from la...