Oral history interview with Arthur Hughes 1963.


Oral history interview with Arthur Hughes 1963.

In 1959, the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations of the University of Michigan and Wayne State University conducted oral history interviews with Michigan labor leaders who played a key role in the development of unionism in the automobile industry. Major subjects covered were: UAW organizing efforts, sit-down strikes of the 1930's, and policies of the Union during World War II.

Transcript: 37 leaves ; 29 cm.

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Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations (University of Michigan-Wayne State University) : Unionism in the Automobile Industry Project

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In the fall of 1959, the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations began an oral history project on the development of unionism in the automobile industry. Interviewees were selected on the basis of (a) having played an important role in the development of automobile unionism, (b) being recommended as able to articulate their experience, and (3); being available. The interviewees included a number of present day key UAW leaders as well as many important past ...

Wayne State University. Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs

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On Jan. 4, 1980, the Chrysler Corp. permanently closed its Hamtramck Assembly Plant, commonly called "Dodge Main", marking the end of nearly 70 years of continuous manufacturing operations at the facility. John Frances and Horace Elgin Dodge were pioneers in the automobile industry, beginning with a machine shop to supply auto plants with parts, working with both Ransom E. Olds and Henry Ford, and eventually building a new plant on a 30 acre site in Hamtramck in 1910. Wanting to build their own ...

Hughes, Arthur, 1915-

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Arthur Hughes was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1915, and moved with his family to Detroit six months later. He was educated at Detroit's Western and Cass Technical High Schools. In 1933 Hughes took his first job at the Chrysler Dodge Main plant as a materials handler. A year later he was transferred to the paint department of the Dodge Truck plant where he subsequently became a paint repairman. He was active in UAW Local 140 at that plant and served in several elected positions including five ter...

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Peter J. Zanghi, a member of UAW Local 426, was elected first regional director of UAW Region 9 in 1939. From the description of Credential to the fifth convention, 1940 July 12. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 40641494 ...