Documents concerning Genoa and Finale Ligure, ca. 1500-1699.


Campofregoso, Petrus de, Duke of Genoa. Documents concerning Genoa and Finale Ligure, ca. 1500-1699.

Documents concerning Genoa and Finale Ligure, ca. 1500-1699.

A collection of 17th-century documents and 16th-century copies of various documents, mostly from the 15th century, related to trade in Genoa and the history and purchase of Finale Ligure, Italy. Examples of the documents include an account in Spanish of a resolution passed by the Supremo Consejo de España regarding the legitimacy of the competing claims to the marquisate of Finale by the descendants of Aleramo de Monferrato (los del Carretto) and the Republic of Genoa; a letter from the duke of Venice, Francesco Foscari, and the duke of Genoa, Petrus de Campofregoso, concerning commerce in Tirenno; a reaffirmation of privileges from Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I to a series of provinces, including Hungary, Dalmatia, Limburg, Luxembourg, Flanders, Frisia, and Alsace, discussing sea rights and the transportation of salt to Genoa; correspondence between diplomats, one from Genoa, discussing the acquisition of Finale; a warning to the people of Genoa, telling them not to allow themselves to be governed by anyone other than Spain; a set of two documents, one in Spanish and one in Italian, the former offering a brief explanation of the origins of the Marquisate of Finale, including the initial donation of territory made by Holy Roman Emperor Otto the Great to Aleramo de Monferrato in 965 CE and the eventual takeover by the Republic of Genoa in 1385, and the latter contradicting the Spanish account; an account of the Spanish intrigues and eventual purchase of the Marquisate of Finale, including a discussion of how the Marquis' vassals revolted and a Spanish force, led by Don Beltrán III de la Cueva y Castilla, was dispatched from the Kingdom of Naples (under Spanish control) to quell the rebellion; a history of Finale as it pertained to Spain, with special focus on King Philip IV; and a mostly printed Latin document discussing merchant taxes in the area.

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