Georgii Mitrofanovich Kiselevskii Papers, 1652-1966.


Georgii Mitrofanovich Kiselevskii Papers, 1652-1966.

Manuscripts of, and historical documents collected by, Georgiĭ M. Kiselevskiĭ. Kiselevskiĭ's brief typed memoirs discuss his youth, service in the Imperial Ministry of Communications before World War I, and life as an emigre in Europe and Latin America. His diary from 1919-1920 covers the period when he served in the White Northwestern Army. Also included is a photograph and membership lists relating to emigre engineers' associations. Among the historical documents which Kiselevskiĭ collected are patents and edicts issued by the following Russian rulers: Alekseĭ Mikhaĭlovich (ruled 1645-76); Peter I (1682-1725); Catherine I (1725-27); Anna Ivanovna (1730-40); Ivan VI (1740-41); Catherine II (1762-96); and Alexander I (1801-25). Co-signers of certain of these documents are A.A. Arakcheev, V.V. Dolgorukiĭ, B.C. von Minikh, and A.D. Menshikov. Also included are over 50 miscellaneous receipts and other documents from the period 1732-1872. In addition there is a printed roll (stolbet︠s︡) depicting the order of march at Alexander I's funeral (1825).

74 items (1 box; 3 oversized folders).

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