Papers, 1908-1974 bulk, 1948-1973.


Eckart, Carl, 1902-1973. Papers, 1908-1974 bulk, 1948-1973.

Papers, 1908-1974 bulk, 1948-1973.

The collection consists of two parts, Eckart's reprint file and manuscripts for his last book, Our Modern Idol: Mathematical Science. Eckart's reprint file includes reprints, preprints, manuscripts of publications, mimeographed notes of seminars, lecture notes and other notes made or received by Eckart. Reprints for which full citation were available have been listed and separated from the file. The file includes correspondence, but this consists almost entirely of letters of transmittal. The file includes a few course descriptions. These include descriptions of courses offered at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and notes on early courses offered at the UCSD Department of Physics. The file also includes photographs and slides. The collection includes two manuscripts of Our Modern Idol. The first is a portion of a handwritten manuscript prepared by Eckart. The second is a 1974 typescript made from the complete handwritten manuscript. Eckart was working on Our Modern Idol at the time of his death. It was edited after his death by Leonard Liebermann and published in 1984.

9 manuscript boxes.

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