Policy Management Department records, 1996-2003.


Minnesota. Governor (1999-2003 : Ventura). Policy Management Department records, 1996-2003.

Policy Management Department records, 1996-2003.

The Policy Management Department was responsible for developing policy initiatives that resulted in the Governor's October 1999 Big Plan. The Big Plan had four major categories: Healthy, Vital Communities; Self-Sufficient People; Service, Not Systems; and Minnesota-World Competitor. Healthy, Vital Communities included proposals in K-12 and higher education, light rail, housing, telecommunications, energy, smart growth, and improving the competitive position of rural Minnesota. Self-Sufficient People included initiatives in transitioning people from welfare to self-sufficiency, improving the health of all Minnesotans via wise use of the tobacco settlement money, lifelong learning for work and life, and insisting that parents taking parenting seriously. Service, Not Systems included reining in excessive regulation and rulemaking, a single house legislature, a sensible tax system, reforming "Politics as Usual," and getting the best bang for the taxpayers buck from state agencies. Minnesota-World Competitor included initiatives on trade and economic development, agriculture, developing tomorrow's workforce, commercialization of new technologies, and Ventura as "The Tourism Governor" promoting Minnesota's industries and products. The records are mainly background and working files used by department staff to draft and implement the various initiatives of The Big Plan. Since responsibility for particular initiatives passed from one person to another due to turnover or staff reorganization/reassignment, and since there was some transfer of initiatives between the four major categories, the files have been arranged alphabetically by initiative topic or state agency, rather than by individual or by one of the four major categories. There are not many files for Governor Ventura's last year of office (2002), but the legislative files contain initiatives for the 2002 legislative session. The most extensive files deal with K-12 and higher education, health issues, light rail, the tobacco endowment funds, smart growth, tourism, trade and economic development, and the unicameral legislature. Some of the files pre-date the Ventura administration.

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