Records, 1935-2002.


Minnesota. Boxing Board. Records, 1935-2002.

Records, 1935-2002.

Records of this board which regulated all boxing, full contact karate, and kickboxing activities in the state, as well as those of its predecessors, the State Athletic Commission (1915-1973) and State Boxing Commission (1973-1975). The main body of the board's (hereafter used for both commission and board materials) administrative records include board minutes (1955-2001); financial reports of outstate amateur contests (1954-1962); ledgers of professional, amateur, and closed circuit television shows (1968-1974) and amateur and professional show receipts and franchise, boxer, referee, second, and manager licenses (1968-1975); and three sets of correspondence files: commission/board members files (1935-2002), amateur and professional boxers files (1959-1998), and promoters, managers, and others files (1956-1999). The latter three contain correspondence, clippings, legal and contractual documents, reports, and other records documenting the various facets of the board's administrative and regulatory duties, including licensure, board hearings, controversies over both board decisions and individual bout outcomes, license suspension, complaints to and about the board, inquiries about rules, and boxers' physical condition requirements. Individuals with substantial files include commissioners/executive secretaries George Barton, Jack Gibbons, Lawrence McCaleb, and Jim O'Hara; boxers Scott LeDoux, Del Flanagan, and Rodney Bobick; and promoters/managers Fred Askew, Gene Fesenmaier, and Ron Peterson. The largest physical portion of the records document the many amateur and professional bouts that occurred throughout the state, including a set of individual bout results, mainly professional, which contain contracts for each fighter; lists of boxers, managers, referees, and seconds license numbers; official scorecards; and physician's reports (1951-1964). There are also out state franchise files (1942-1957), amateur and professional physician reports (1960-1967, 1972-1978), separate reports of statewide amateur contests (1960-1967), and match win-loss record books of Minnesota boxers (1981-1999). The files also include legal documents and correspondence detailing two court cases brought by promoters against the board alleging it erred in its granting of television rights for the 1975 Ali-Frazier boxing match (1976) and accusing the board of racial discrimination in its franchise licensing practices (1986-1987); transcripts and related legal papers covering board hearings into contractual issues between promoter Benjamin Kaplan and boxers Glen Flanagan and Miguel Acevedo (1949), into manager Tommy O'Loughlin's misconduct charge against the board (1951), into boxer Glen Flanagan's alleged punch to boxing manager Eddy Johnson (1951), and into promoter George Weir's claim the board allowed a mismatch in a fight between Marvin Westmoreland and Brian O'Shea, which resulted in injury to Westmoreland (1963-1964); and subject files (1946-1998). The latter cover such topics as AIDS, Attorney General correspondence and opinions, boxers investigations and suspensions, closed circuit television, board finances, complaints, full contact karate, Golden Gloves competition, news media, promoters, referees, safety, United States Amateur Boxing Inc., and wrestling. They also contain photographs of a 1935 ladies' class, an undated Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Procedures Manual, and 1978 State Board of Boxing Rules and United States Women's "AAU" Boxing Association booklets.

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