Middle East collection, 1840-1970.


Middle East collection, 1840-1970.

Series 1 contains manuscript materials such as correspondence, clippings, notes, maps, and typescript reports on Morocco and other Muslim nations. Series 2 consists of printed materials (books, pamphlets, and periodicals) on Morocco, other Muslim nations and Israel. Series 3 consists of materials not related to the Muslim world.

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Hassan II, King of Morocco, 1929-1999

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King Hassan II of Morocco was born 9 July 1929. His family was exiled in 1953 by French authorities. Hebecame King on 26 February 1961, after his father, King Mohammed V, died. Hassan's rule is contraversial: he is known for his poor human rights record and for suspending the constitution in 1965. He dissolved Parliament ad ruled directly. He died 23 July 1999 and was successed by his son, King Mohammed VI....

Bourguiba, Habib, 1903-2000

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Landau, Rom, 1899-1974

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Author, educator, expert on Morocco. Born (1899) in England. Educated in Europe -- chiefly in Germany. First trip to Morocco (1924) stimulated life-long interest in Islamic civilization. Developed acquaintanceships with many important Arab statesmen in years before World War II. Published books and articles in support of increased Arab independence. Published (with A.J. Arberry) standard work on 20th century Islam (1943). Member of Royal Air Force and British Foreign Office (1939-1945). Author o...

Muhammad V, King of Morocco, 1909-1961

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Nasser, Gamal Abdel, 1918-1970

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President of Egypt, 1952-1970. From the description of Gamal Abdel Nasser speeches, 1956-1962. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 123379690 Biographical/Historical Note President of Egypt, 1952-1970. From the guide to the Gamal Abdel Nasser speeches, 1956-1962, (Hoover Institution Archives) ...