Washington Office files, 1999-2002.


Minnesota. Governor (1999-2003 : Ventura). Washington Office files, 1999-2002.

Washington Office files, 1999-2002.

Correspondence and subject files documenting the activities of the Governor's Washington Office, which served as a liaison with Minnesota's congressional delegation and with the federal government. Topics covered include homeland security; Dean Barkley's Senate appointment; strategic planning; a Devil's Lake water project; the Governor's congressional testimony; the state's federal priorities; the National Governors' Association; state agencies, particularly economic security, pollution control, trade and economic development, and transportation; The Children's Health Insurance Program; and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

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Minnesota. Governor (1999-2003 : Ventura)

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In 1989, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency [PCA] issued a request for response action against the Ashland Petroleum Company to investigate an alleged oil spill, air quality violation, and soil and water contamination at its refinery site in St. Paul Park. Six meetings (October 14, 1993, January 18, June 16, and September 14, 1994, January 24 and September 27, 1995) were held to discuss and provide information regarding the pollution problems and clean-up. The meetings were facilitated by Se...

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