Statewide committees files, 1956-1959.


Minnesota Statehood Centennial Commission. Statewide committees files, 1956-1959.

Statewide committees files, 1956-1959.

Much of the work of the Commission was accomplished through the work of citizen volunteers, many as members of statewide committees created in the areas of agriculture, arts, business-industry-labor, education, health, hospitality, libraries, military, promotion, religion, sports, women, and youth. Groups were also formed to work with the Minnesota Historical Society and Minnesota Territorial Pioneers, and to develop a Speaker's Information Bureau, a commemorative stamp, and the Centennial Train, which toured the state. These committees oversaw the creation of motion pictures and slide films, art and historical exhibits, music and theater festivals and performances, audio recordings, competitions and contests, radio and television broadcasts, historical tours and restorations, conventions, banquets, and books and brochures. The latter included a checklist of Minnesota authors, a teachers' resource guide, update and republication of Makers of Minnesota, a history anthology for young people, histories of Minnesota's arts and military, and a cookbook. The committees also played a major role in the operation of the Centennial Showboat and in bringing the Eleventh World Assembly of the World Health Organization to Minneapolis. All of the statewide committees and bodies worked with associated organizations, associations, and businesses in coordinating Centennial events and publicity in their topical area.

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