Webb Company records, 1900-1992.


Webb Company records, 1900-1992.

Organizational records documenting the history of a St. Paul (Minn.) printing and publishing company, which specialized in agricultural publications.

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Farmer Protective Association (Saint Paul, Minn.).

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Maxwell, Robert, 1923-1991

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Webb, E. A. 1857-1915.

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Kent, Rockwell, 1882-1971

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Painter; New York, N.Y. From the description of Rockwell Kent interview, 1957 Sept. 12. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 80242441 Painter, illustrator, writer, lecturer; Ausable Forks, New York. From the description of Rockwell Kent letters to Robert T. Hatt, 1935-1936. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122553040 In addition to being a successful painter, printmaker, illustrator, designer, and commercial artist, Kent pursued careers as a writer, professional ...

Minnesota State Fair

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Butler Typo-Design Research Center (Mendota, Ill.).

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Agricultural Publishers Association (Chicago, Ill.).

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Kemper, Wallace C.

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British Printing and Communications Corp. (London, England).

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American Energy Farming Systems

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Webb Company

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This private bank was formed as Hankins & Co. in 1790 and was styled Webb & Co. from 1815, when Thomas Webb took over the business. It was acquired by the Gloucestershire Banking Co. (est. 1831) in 1883. From the guide to the Webb & Company records, 1883, (Lloyds Banking Group (London)) The Webb Company was founded in 1882 as the Webb Publishing Company when Edward A. Webb, a Fargo, North Dakota newspaperman, purchased The Northwestern Farmer and Bre...

Farmfest (Lake Crystal, Minn.).

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Hackett, Eloise Wade.

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Gaus, Alexander.

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Broch, Theodor, 1904-1998

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