Edwin H. Brown and family papers, 1866-1960.


Edwin H. Brown and family papers, 1866-1960.

Correspondence and related papers, reports and other business records, legal and financial documents, diaries, scrapbook contents, and photograph albums documenting the life of a Minneapolis architect and engineer and of various members of the related Brown, Hall, and Christian families.

2.5 cu. ft. (3 boxes, including 15 v., and 1 oversize folder, unboxed); 1 microfilm reel.


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EDWIN HACKER BROWN was born in Worcester, Massachusetts on July 29, 1875, the son of Edwin and Marianna Miffin Earle Brown. He received his education in the Worcester public schools (1880-1887), Charles E. Fish's School for Boys (1887-1891), Harvard University (1892-1896), and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (1896-1898). From the latter he received a degree in mechanical engineering. During September through December, 1898 he taught in the Worcester English High School physics d...

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