Henry Whitcomb Holley papers, 1854-1888.


Henry Whitcomb Holley papers, 1854-1888.

Correspondence, payrolls, invoices, brochures advertising railroad equipment, specifications, drawings, and maps relating to Holley's work (1865-1885) as a construction engineer for the Southern Minnesota Railroad Company.

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Southern Minnesota Railroad Company

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Thompson, Horace, 1827-1880.

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North Star Stock Farm (Caledonia, Minn.)

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Frank Pumerville, Harness Shop (Houghton, Mich.)

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C.J. Farley Paint Store (Winnebago City, Minn.)

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Holley, H. W. (Henry Whitcomb), 1828-1897

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Henry Whitcomb Holley was born in Jefferson County, New York, May 5, 1828, the son of David and Betsey (Randall) Holley. He graduated from Norwich University, Vermont in 1849. From 1849-1856, he was a contracting engineer for railroads in Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Holley came to Minnesota in 1856 and settled in Chatfield. He was editor of the Chatfield Republican (1856-1861); a state senator (1859-1861); and receiver of the U.S. Land Office at Winnebago City (1861-18...

F.F. Harlow General Merchandise (Winnebago City, Minn.)

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Slayton's Lyceum Bureau (Chicago, Ill.)

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St. Mary's Hall (Faribault, Minn.)

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C.H. Twiss Livery and Sale Stable (Winnebago City, Minn.)

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Gold and Frank, Dry Goods (Milwaukee, Wis.)

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U.S. Wind Engine & Pump Co. (Batavia, Ill.)

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Marks, C. R. (Constant R.), 1906-

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Brown, Orville, 1812-1901.

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Whipple, Charles Henry, 1849-1932.

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Republican Party (Minn.)

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United States. General Land Office

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Under regulations approved on March 20, 1915, tracts set aside as villa sites under the provisions of an act of April 12, 1910, within the former Flathead Indian Reservation, Montana, were offered for sale at public auction, beginning at Polson, Montana, on July 26, 1915. The sale was adjourned to Dayton, Montana, on August 6 and concluded at Kalispell, Montana, on August 7, 1915. There were 889 parcels of land, not less than 2 nor more than 5 acres in area, fronting on Flathead Lake, and under ...

Moulton and Dendon, General Merchandise.

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United States. Root River Land District (Minn.

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Bradley and Metcalf, Boots and Shoes (Milwaukee, Wis.)

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Shattuck School

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Potter, George Deuel, 1825-

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John Pritzloff, Iron and Hardware Merchant (Ontonagon, Mich.)

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Bishop, J. W. (Judson Wade), 1831-1917

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Judson Wade Bishop was born June 24, 1831, in Evansville, New York, the son of the Reverend John F. and Elena Brown Bishop. He had a brother, John F., and two sisters, Anna and Lena. Bishop was educated at Fredonia and Belleville academies and later took civil engineering training at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. From 1853 to 1857 he was a draftsman for the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada. In 1857 he came to Chatfield, Minnesota, where he did surveyin...