Harry D. Ayer and family papers, 1787-1982.


Ayer, Harry Darius, 1878-1966. Harry D. Ayer and family papers, 1787-1982.

Harry D. Ayer and family papers, 1787-1982.

Correspondence, legal papers, financial records, Indian estate records, ledgers, inventory books, school notebooks, and personal record books of Harry D. and Jeannette Ora (Foster) Ayer, proprietors (1918-1956) of the trading post on the Mille Lacs Chippewa Reservation, and of various family members.

5.25 cu. ft. (11 boxes)

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Ayer, Jeannette Ora Foster, 1883-1966.

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Ayer, Harry Darius, 1878-1966.

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