William Hazlitt manuscript material : 16 items, 1799-1828


Hazlitt, William, 1778-1830. William Hazlitt manuscript material : 16 items, 1799-1828

William Hazlitt manuscript material : 16 items, 1799-1828

· Holograph poem signed, "The Damned Author's Address to his Reviewers" : 30 Aug 1825 : (WH 0011) : addressed to Monsieur Galignani, with a note to him; begins, "The rock I'm told on which I split / Is bad economy of wit --". The poem was first published in Galignani's London and Paris Observer on 18 Sep 1825. · Holograph essay (fragment), "Belief, whether voluntary?" : [no date] : (WH 0014) : 4 p. of a working draft, with cross-outs and corrections; begins with a quote from Shekespeare's Henry IV, "Thy wish was father, Harry, to that thought." Published in Literary Remains of the Late William Hazlitt (1836). · To Charles Cowden Clarke, writer and public lecturer : 1 autograph note, signature cut away : [Jan-Feb 1828] : (WH 0016) : enclosing a hare and Wiltshire bacon to be sent to Leigh Hunt, "the most agreeable of biographers," at Highgate, and another hare "& the article" to be given to J. S. Buckingham. Mounted on a sheet of old album paper, with an ink note on a card, in an unknown 19th c. hand, mounted to the verso, describing a photograph of an original sketch of Hazlitt, which had once been mounted above but is now lost. · To the Rev. William Evans, school master and Unitarian minister : 1 autograph letter signed : [1824] : (WH 0015) : from 7 Stratton; glad to have received an account of his son, William Hazlitt, Jr., then twelve, who attended Evans's school in Tavistock; including, "I got his letter this morning, & will send him a pound soon. Please to advance him a crown for me ..." · To Anthony Galignani, publisher : 7 letters : -- 1 autograph letter third person : no date : (WH 0004) : asking to borrow a copy of Last of the Mohicans. -- 1 autograph letter third person : 27 Oct [1824] : (WH 0005) : from Hotel des Etrangers, Rue Vivienne; enclosing volumes (no longer present) of Hazlitt's essays, having marked which pieces he thinks would bear reprinting; mentions his articles from the East Edinburgh Review on Lady Morgan, Shelley's poems, and Landor's Conversations. -- 1 autograph letter third person : Dec [1824] : (WH 0006) : from Hotel des Etrangers; informing Galignani that "if the work does not proceed faster than it has hither to done [Hazlitt] cannot possibly stay to superintend it." The Galignanis published an edition of Hazlitt's Spitit of the Age in 1825. -- 1 autograph note third person : [Dec 1824] : (WH 0007) : more on Spirit of the Age; Hunt would like Galignani to "hurry the work through the press in order that he may see it done before he goes ..." -- 1 autograph letter signed : 28 Dec 1824 : (WH 0008) : from Hotel des Etrangers; more on Spirit of the Age; begins, "I am exceedingly disappointed at the work not being ready as I was promised, but as it is, I cannot stay to see it through the press ..." -- 1 autograph letter signed : 11 Mar 1825 : (WH 0010) : from Florence; sending some corrections; begins, "The proofs have never come, nor have I had an answer from Mr. Striche..."; asking "What is the Select Poets of Great Britain I see advertised at the end of your last month's Magazine?"; suggesting they reprint Landor's Imaginary Conversations. -- 1 autograph letter signed : 14 Jul [no year] : (WH 0012) : from Hotel des Etrangers; including plans for a book called The Old English Theatre, on "whatever is most striking; & curious in the dramatic literature of the contemporaries of Shakespear & the period immediately following him." · To Messrs. Galignani, publishers : 2 letters : -- 1 autograph letter third person : [early 1825?] : (WH 0009) : returning the proofs of his Spirit of the Age, "gratified by the care and neatness with which they got up." -- 1 autograph letter third person : 25 Dec 1827 : (WH 0013a) : from Winterslow, near Salisbury; sending a volume (no longer present) of his Life of Napoleon, hoping they can use it, or give it to Monsieur Parisot, "who had some thought of translating it in the summer." With a draft response to Hazlitt dated 15 Feb declining his offer, on p. 3 of the folded lettersheet. · To the Rev. William Hazlitt, Unitarian minister (his father) : 1 autograph letter signed : 16 Dec 1799 : (WH 0001) : from London; giving details of his journey from Wem in Shropshire to London, including, "I just now began Godwin's new novel [St. Leon], which I do not at present admire very much." · To W. Underwood, Esq. at 17 Rue Neuve St. Augustins, or at Messieurs Galignani, Paris : 1 autograph letter signed : 3 May 1828 : (WH 0003) : from 38 Gloucester Street, Queensquare; introducing his friend P. G. Patmore, who wishes "to gain easy access to the French Theatres ..."; begins, "It is long since I have heard of you ..." · To "My dear Sir" : 1 autograph letter signed : 28 Oct [no year] : (WH 0002) : from Winterslow; begins, "If this usage is fit for me, it is not fit for a dog, I'll be damned if it is."

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