William J. Eney papers 1900-1982. 1900-1982.


Eney, William J. (William Joseph). William J. Eney papers 1900-1982.

William J. Eney papers 1900-1982. 1900-1982.

Documents and photographs related to Lehigh University Civil Engineering faculty William J. Eney's early teaching years (1930s) at civil engineering summer camps; his lecture material on bridge engineering; his own invention of testing machine: Eney Deformeter, and photographs and documents about construction of Fritz Engineering Laboratory addition (1950s); Civil Engineering faculty and students (1900-1905). Material donated by Lois Winston, Eney's daughter, in June 2005.

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John Fritz was born in Chester County, Pa. in 1822. He was apprenticed as a blacksmith and became a wheelwright. He later supervised the building of an iron-making furnace and in 1860 became General Superindentent and Chief Engineer of the Bethlehem Iron Works. In 1864 he supervised the building of a Bessemer furnace for the firm. After retiring in 1892, he became a trustee of Lehigh University, and engaged in other civic activities. He died in Bethlehem, Pa. in 1913. From the descri...

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Biographical sketch. From the description of Fritz Engineering Laboratory "Project 237" documents 1962-2007. 1962-2007. (Lehigh University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 469339199 ...

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Professor William J. Eney, Lehigh University MS '38, was a distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering at Lehigh University, head of the Civil Engineering Department, and at the same time was head of the Fritz Engineering Laboratory 1952-1962. He came to Lehigh in 1936 and received his Master of Science degree from Lehigh in 1938 and continued in the department eventually becoming head of both the Department and Fritz Engineering Laboratory. With the help of Bethlehem Steel Corporation, he desi...

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