Bolivarian collection of documents, 1538-1933.


Bolivarian collection of documents, 1538-1933.

A collection of autographs of Latin American patriots and Hispanic loyalists living in the Viceroyalty of Perú during the 19th century. The collection provides a valuable look into daily life in the viceroyalty. Documents to and from military leaders on both sides of the War for Independence describe day to day events of the war (requests for supplies, mess, prisoner and hospital lists, etc.). Among the items by patriots represented in the collection are: a decree by Simón Bolivar, dated 1825, setting up a school system that "la debe igualmente a todos...individuos."; a decree by Tomas de Heres creating the coat-of-arms of Perú, and the heraldry and wording for silver and gold coins of the new government; a list by José Medina of the survivors of the "Vendedores" squadron after the battle of Ayachucho; a letter of José de San Martín to Francisco de Paula Otero; a letter by Antonio José de Sucre to Manuel Martínez de Aparicio; and a letter by José de La Mar to Joaquín de la Pezuela. Among the loyalists represented are: José Fernando de Abascal y Souza, Fernando VII, José Antonio de Areche, Gerónimo de Marrón y Lombera, José de Mendizábal e Imaz, Joaquín de la Pezuela, José Manuel Goyeneche, and Manuel Quimper. Also in the collection are two letters by Secretary of State William E. Seward, and two 16th century documents signed by the "conquistadores" Francisco Pizarro and Juan de la Torre.

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Heres, Tomas de. (person)

Bolívar, Simón, 1783-1830 (person)

President of Peru, "El Liberado." From the description of Letters, 1816-1823. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122598873 South American army officer and revolutionary and president of Colombia. From the description of Simón Bolívar papers, 1819. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79453982 President of Peru, "El Liberado". From the description of Letter, 1818, September 29, Angostura, to Guillermo White. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122348836 ...

Quimper, Manuel (person)

Torre, Juan de la (person)

San Martín, José de, 1778-1850 (person)

South American soldier and statesman. From the description of Document signed : Santiago, to the Governor of the Province of Cuyo [in Argentina], 1817 Nov. 10. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270635002 ...

Sucre, Antonio José de, 1795-1830 (person)

Antonio José de Sucre (3 February 1795 - 4 June 1830), general and statesman, was a South American independence leader, the fourth President of Peru (1823) and the second President of Bolivia (1825-1828). From the description of Memoria que el jenerál en jefé del Ejército Libertador, encargadó de los Departamentos del Alto-Perú, presenta a la Asamblea jenerál de los mismos el dia desu instalacion, 1825. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 191870144 ...

Goyeneche, José Manuel de, 1775-1846 (person)

Seward, William, 1913- (person)

Mendizábal e Imaz, José de. (person)

Ferdinand VII, King of Spain, 1784-1833 (person)

Otero, Francisco de Paula. (person)

Medina, José. (person)

Areche, José Antonio de. (person)

Pizarro, Francisco, approximately 1475-1541 (person)

Del Río, Daniel A., (person)

Marrón y Lombera, Gerónimo de. (person)

Aparicio, Manuel Martínez de. (person)

Pezuela y Sánchez, Joaquín de la, 1761-1830 (person)

Abascal y Souza, José Fernando de. (person)

Mar, José de la. (person)