Correspondence : with son-in-law, Samuel Lawrence Gouverneur, 1817-1828.


Monroe, James, 1758-1831. Correspondence : with son-in-law, Samuel Lawrence Gouverneur, 1817-1828.

Correspondence : with son-in-law, Samuel Lawrence Gouverneur, 1817-1828.

Monroe sends a letter of introduction for Gouverneur and asks the recipient to assist him in his studies; writes to Gouverneur asking him to represent him in Washington concerning his claim before Congress, and informs him about selling the Albemarle County, Va., land. Gouverneur writes to Monroe about Hortensia Hay's illness, problems in Florida, a dispute with Robert R. Livingston, and family news and health. He expresses sympathy for Monroe's financial problems, gives advice on settling accounts with the federal government, and hopes for Elizabeth Monroe's recovery. Gouverneur announces the births of a daughter and a son, reports on the health of the president's nephew James Monroe, reports that the session of the New York Assembly was a success but that he will not run for another term and instead considers running for Congress. He comments on the possible sale of Monroe's land in Albemarle County, reports that charges of fraud against himself were dropped, acknowledges receiving Monroe's letter about the death of Joseph Monroe, reports a financial loss in a local business failure, and thanks Monroe for a loan.

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