Papers : of the Gordon family, 1812-1916.


Gordon family. Papers : of the Gordon family, 1812-1916.

Papers : of the Gordon family, 1812-1916.

The collection contains correspondence between William Fitzhugh Gordon and Elizabeth Lindsay Gordon while the former was away in the War of 1812 and at sessions of the Virginia state legislature, the House of Representatives, and the Nashville convention of 1850. He touches briefly on the war, mentioning John Hartwell Cocke, and also discusses the bill to establish the University of Virginia, the Virginia constitutional convention of 1829, and his opposition to Jackson's withdrawal of bank deposits. Copies of letters from John Tyler and John Caldwell Calhoun discuss Southern election difficulties. His wife's letters give news of family and friends, the children's education, her growing deafness, and the burning of their home. A series of pious letters between Mrs. Gordon and her sister-in-law, Elizabeth Gordon is also present. War letters from Charles Henry Gordon and Mason Gordon mention camp life and campaigns in the Valley, northern Virginia and N.C. They contain many reflections on the course of the war, and give a good insight into the mind of a southern soldier. Of interest is a lengthy letter giving details of the sack of the home by Union troops. Post-war letters of Mason Gordon and Harriet Gordon contain news of the family and university. The collection also contains a copy of an account of Lafayette's visit to Albemarle Co. and William F. Gordon's speech on the occasion, a copy of his speech for an independent treasury, and The story of an old Confederate, a narrative depicting life immediately after the war in Virginia.

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