Lindseth Russian fable collection, circa 1830-1950.


Lindseth Russian fable collection, circa 1830-1950.

Manuscripts and typescripts of Russian fables, including political satire and sexual humor. Included are "Pauk i mukhi" ("The spider and the flies"), a fable in verse, circa 1830; "Lebed', shchuka, rak i durak" ("The swan, the pike, the crayfish and full"), a typescript fable (and parody of Krylov's fable "Lebed', shchuka, i rak"), critiquing life in the early years of the Soviet Union, 1929; and a collection of fables by V. Z. Mass, M. A. Chervinskii, and Nikolai Pavlovich Akimov, copied out by hand or on the typewriter by Aleksandr A. Krolenko, circa 1950. With this last set of fables is a letter by S.A. Krolenko, son of A.A. Krolenko, together with background material on the senior Krolenko and his publishing house, Academia. Also, graphic materials consisting of a collection of "Siluety k basnyam Krylova" ("Silhouettes from Krylov's fables"), St. Petersburg: Feuilleton Editions, 1878; and two World War II propaganda posters in the form of fable illustrations, "Kukushka i petukh" ("The cuckoo and the cock") and "Lisitsa i vinograd" ("The fox and the grapes"), satirizing Hitler, Franco, and Germany's inability to conquer the Soviet Union, 1944. Also includes a letter and two postcards decorated with themes concerning Russian fables or Ivan Andreevich Krylov. One of the postcards, issued in support of the Red Cross early in World War I (1914), includes the text of one of Krylov's fables, "Razborchivaia nevesta" ("The scrupulous bride"). The other postcard features a portrait of Krylov. The letter page, with a portrait of Krylov on one side, has been filled in on the back with a letter from a Russian soldier to his father, written from the front on May 1, 1945, a week before the end of World War II in Europe. Also, a piano vocal score titled "Klarnet i rozhok" ("The clarinet and the horn"), text by Demʹi︠a︡n Bednyĭ, music by B. Pergament, Moscow: Life and Knowledge Cooperative Publishing House, 1922.

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